Help for Suppliers

Event Watch

Event Watch helps keep an eye on Events which are listed that you are interested in. You can store an unlimited amount of events to keep an eye on and access them from your Dashboard.

On any event listing, click the Action Panel, and then click the link for “Watch this Event”. You must be logged in to add an Event to your list. Event watch notifies you when someone quotes on Reverse Auction Events that you have added to your Event Watch List. When the Event closes you will also be notified.

RSS Feeds by Category

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for individual product and service categories. This way, if a public RFX event is created that matches your categories, you will see it in your RSS feed.

To find the feed(s) that suit you, please go to your Account Management -> Edit Product and Service Categories. Each category has its own RSS feed, (click the icon next to the name).

How do I quote on a RFP or Reverse Auction?

Depending on the type of event and how the buyer created it, there are multiple methods for placing a response or bid. In some cases, you may be asked to place an "Entire Event Bid" in which you enter one price for an entire basket of goods or services. In some cases, you may be asked to bid on all or some individual line items. And in other cases, you may be asked to respond with your bid in attachment form. In this case, you would click the "Bid Entire Project" button and upload your attachment, checking the Not-Applicable option next to the field asking for price.

You may leave a comment and upload attachments with your quote amount.

How Do I see an Event I was invited to?

You can always see all of the Reverse Auctions or RFPs that you have been invited to participate in through your dashboard.

From the main menu, select "Quotes/Bids" then select "RFXs I've Been Invited to Bid On"