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05th of August 2021 - 02:23:47 pm EDT


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Sristi Cottage Emporium
Sutanu   You must login to contact Sutanu   
15/3, 4FH,Newland, Batanagar, PS- Mahestala
Kolkata, Outside US 700140


Company Description


India. A Country that has been an enigma to many across the globe. A Country that has inspired trends aroused curiousity delighted tourists and at the end of it, all left an impression on the minds of every body who has visited it.

The cottage has been India’s window to the World nearly over 50 years. The emporium has attracted a number of heads of States, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, a host of other dignitaries from across the globe What began as an endeavour to preserve the traditional craftsmanship and excellence of skill as a part of national heritage has now become a cultural movement in its own way. It has brought about togetherness in all the various forms of arts, crafts and apparel of India under one roof. From a tiny sales depot the emporium has now been developed into the largest single emporium in the Country with extensive reputation and a stamp of ethnicity, authenticity and quality on all the merchandise it shelters. Come & discover the magic of India through the eyes of the Sristi Cottage Emporium.

Envisaged as a showcase of the creations of Indian craftsmen, weavers and folk artists the Sristi Cottage Industries Emporium has been a favourite with customers in India and the World over. It has taken special care to make sure that you get a feel of what the real India is all about through its products the décor the exhibition and everything else that goes with it. This unique store has tackled Handicrafts sales on a multilateral front embracing market research, hand picked buying, imaginative promotion design development, impeccable merchandise, careful inventories and variety of auxiliary services to make it a complete shopping experience.

Sristi Cottage Emporium has been surging ahead with its emporia in five cities vis-a vis Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and franchise showrooms at Gurgaon, Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir and Copenhagen(Denmark) which houses products from every state in the Country. Our only aim is to give the customer the best and to bring forth the skill of all those numerous artists and craftsmen who otherwise would fade into oblivion and offering them a viable and honoured future by giving them a direct access to the markets. Simultaneously we have direct interaction with artisians thereby reviving some of the age-old crafts on one hand and keeping control on the costs on the other. So, now we feel that we can proudly say welcome to the world of Cottage, welcome to India.




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