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15th of August 2018 - 03:17:43 pm EDT


Supplier Catalog
35,000.00 USD
.Product No: pedometer of TYX28. 2.High accuracy, more than 99.99%. 3.Automatically display Step count, Distance count and Calorie count. 4.Transparent body design. 5.Logo printed area beside RESET key. 6.Back clip for firm fix on waistband or belt. 7.Any color is available, such as red, pink, green, blue etc. 8.LCD dsiplay is up to 99,999. 9.The unit size is 48 x 37 x 2mm. Carton size is 520 x 270 x 370mm for 600pcs of 5.5kgs. 0.Product orgin:Tauye Electronics which is very easy to find our website in Google.
Item or Service's Category: pedometers
Will ship via: USPS  DHL  
Quantity Available: 25000
Fixed Price 35,000.00 
Accepted Payment Types:  MasterCard or Visa, Wire Transfer



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