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20th of September 2018 - 12:31:36 am EDT


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PCL vertical shaft impact crusher
35,000.00 USD
This series designed and manufactured with optimization by introducing advanced technology at home and abroad.It is operated stably and reliably,easy to maintain,and has high efficiency for breaking.The fineness product is in bubic shape,with lower content of needle-like particles,especially suitable for plastic of stone material,and for production of sand with high ratio.The series of PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher can be used widely in fineness breaking task for rock,cobble,non-ore and so on. PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Operating principle: The materials fall into the impeller from the head of the machine and with the function of high-speed centrifugal force, they strongly hit against and highly grind the other parts of the materials bypass flowing around the impeller in an umbrella form. After mutual impaction and between the impeller and the machine shell, the materials will move like a vortex and will be impacted, rubbed and pulverized many times. Then they will come to the required fineness controlled by screening equipment, and discharge from the bottom of the machine. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher(Sand making machine) Specification: Model Feeding Max(mm) Power of motor(Kw) Velovity(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimensions(mm) PCL-600B 26 45-90 2000/2600 8-50 3500;500;2050 PCL-900 30 90-50 300/700 55-20 3600;240;2620 PCL-900B 40 0-80 000/450 60-50 3600;240;2620 PCL250 50 220-360 950/200 00-300 4520;2640;300 PCL350 60 320-440 800/200 60-360 5500;2785;3030 Pls visit our website for more information .
Item or Service's Category: mining machine
Will ship via: DHL  
Quantity Available: 10
Fixed Price 35,000.00 
Accepted Payment Types:  Checks, Money Order, Wire Transfer



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