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18th of August 2018 - 07:05:12 am EDT


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Air Purifier-HEAP + UV+TiO2 Air Purifier
54.00 USD
HEAP+UV+TiO2 air purifier for room-- Ionic Air Purifier for room--car air purifier Ionic Air Purifier with UV and TiO2 Model: BL205 Features: It has super strong effect on virus and bacteria killing, decompose, filtration, adhesive, smog removal, odor removal. * Front net: can filtrate big particle such as dust, and hair and scurf * HEPA net: this net has super strong filtration function for all types of particle. * Photocatalysis net: can kill virus, remove odor, decompose formaldehyde and other organic substance * UV lamp: strengthen the photocatalysis virus-killing ability besides kill virus itself. * Active carbon net: can remove smog, odor, filtrate hair and scurf, and it also has self-cleaned function. * Negative ion: strengthen the cleaning effect and fresh air * Active Oxygen: kill virus, bacteria and remove bad smell effectively and quickly. Function: * With front net, HEPA net, Double-Photocatalysis net, UV lamp, Active carbon net, and the concentrate filtration of negative ion and active oxygen, it make the air fresher and more naturally. * Double pohotocatalysis net, super strong virus killing and decompose effect. It is exclusive to use Korean imported SOLARCOAT photocatalysis original liquid, and adopt double photocatalysis. from Shenzhen Baiteman Tech. Company Limited
Item or Service's Category: Air Purifier
Item or Service's Condition New
Will ship via: UPS  DHL  FEDEX  
Quantity Available: 5000
Fixed Price 54.00 
Accepted Payment Types:  Wire Transfer



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