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19th of August 2018 - 06:02:12 pm EDT


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He Lv Group,Zhejiang of China
Xu   You must login to contact Xu   
Gu Dun Road
Hangzhou, Outside US 311112
Christmas Island


Company Description

This Corporation produces and processes customized products for international customers throughout Europe, America, and East Asia. The corporation has grown substantially and currently has four professional factories that work in close cooperation with client relations.

The four divisions are as follows:

Daily Hardware Products
Bamboo and Wooden Products
Costume and Decoration Products
Gift and Craft Products

We offer excellent quality, competitive pricing, and reliable service. We have outstanding credit. We specialize in foreign design, production, processing and exportation. We also have experience and expertise in the areas of logistics, transportation, customs, commodity inspection, and export tariff rebate.

The corporation headquarters are located in Hangzhou City, China, the nerve center of industry.

We offer Nine Import and Export Product Series as follows:

1. Metal Frame, Photo Frame, Ashtray Series
The styles vary from conservative to novelty. They make an excellent presentation for family life and are a perfect gift item.
Main exports are to America, Canada, Italy, France, and other European countries.

2. Wooden and Metal Toy Series
Toys to develop mental skills and increase Intelligence Quotient. They are endorsed by educators and psychologists. You will be delighted and surprised at the results.
Main exports are to America, Canada, and Germany.

3. Bamboo and Wooden Craftwork Series
This series includes handicrafts, a dart set with box, and photography equipment.
Main exports are to America, Japan, and the East.

4. National Traditions, Art and Craft Series
Handcrafted art, furniture, and other objects that showcase national and ethnic traditions.

5. Costume and Decoration Series
Adult clothing for all four seasons. This series includes work clothes as well as fine, elegant clothing, all at reasonable prices.

6. Daily Hardware Series
Kitchenware, cookware, hand tools and appliances¡ªperfect for leisure, sport, and home.

7. Gift and Sales Promotion Series
This series includes religious products, home appliances, sales promotion items, gifts, display products, festival and holiday crafts, and other special handcrafted items.
Main exports are to America and Europe.

8. Metal Coffee Maker Series
These products are ideal for family life. Styles can be customized according to the client's request.
Main exports are to Germany, Italy, and Europe.

9. Crystal and Plastic Products Series
Products to match with the above-related products.

Rest assured that the He Lv Corporation has excellent business relationships with sellers from all over the world. We are an independent corporation. We also import various commodities base on national law allows. We guarantee that we abide by all foreign laws and rights for fine trade profit.

Mr. Xu Weiwu (General Manager)




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