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18th of August 2018 - 07:06:09 am EDT

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auto diesel nozzle DSLA156P737/0 433 175 164 Common Rail Nozzle


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Start Date: July  31, 2018 - 19:52 GMT-5 Eastern
End Date: August  02, 2022 - 03:52 GMT-5 Eastern
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Country: United States of America
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auto diesel nozzle DSLA156P737/0 433 175 164 Common Rail Nozzle
    Fuel: Diesel    Component: Fuel Injection Device    Stroke: 4 Stroke    Weight: 0.04kg    Trademark: China-Lutong    Specification: Common Rail Injector Nozzles    HS Code: 84099199    Car Make: Diesel Engine Car    Body Material: Steel    Certification: ISO9001    Cylinder: Single Cylinder    Guarantee: 180 Days    Transport Package: Neutral Packing, Other Packing According to Client    Origin: China
In common rail systems, a high-pressure pump stores a reservoir of fuel at high pressure — up to and above 2,000 bars (200 MPa; 29,000 psi). The term "common rail" refers to the fact that all of the fuel injectors are supplied by a common fuel rail which is nothing more than a pressure accumulator where the fuel is stored at high pressure. This accumulator supplies multiple fuel injectors with high-pressure fuel. This simplifies the purpose of the high-pressure pump in that it only needs to maintain a target pressure (either mechanically or electronically controlled). The fuel injectors are typically ECU-controlled. When the fuel injectors are electrically activated, a hydraulic valve (consisting of a nozzle and plunger) is mechanically or hydraulically opened and fuel is sprayed into the cylinders at the desired pressure. Since the fuel pressure energy is stored remotely and the injectors are electrically actuated, the injection pressure at the start and end of injection is very near the pressure in the accumulator (rail), thus producing a square injection rate. If the accumulator, pump and plumbing are sized properly, the injection pressure and rate will be the same for each of the multiple injection events. 

auto diesel nozzle DSLA156P737/0 433 175 164 Common Rail Nozzle

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