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17th of August 2018 - 09:48:31 am EDT

You've reached the only completely Free e-Sourcing System,

Pencil Nozzle HJ27959 27959 7W3710/OR2821


RFP/RFQ Event - Public- This Event is Closed
Start Date: April  13, 2018 - 21:46 GMT-5 Eastern
End Date: April  14, 2018 - 21:46 GMT-5 Eastern
Currency: USD
Country: United States of America
Zip Code: 351111
Event ID: 1097324

Attached Documents


Stanadyne Pencil nozzle:CHJ No. Stanadyne P/N Caterpillar P/N Engine Type HJ23546 23546 1W5829/OR2503 CAT 3208 HJ22762 22762 9L6969/OR2501 CAT 3204,3208 HJ22808 22808 7N0449 CAT 3300 Series HJ23143 23143 9N2366/OR2500 CAT 1100,3100 HJ27959 27959 7W3710/OR2821 CAT 3208(Truck) HJ27254 27254 4W8483 CAT 3208 DITA (Marine)   CHJ No. Stanadyne P/N FORD,Europe P/N Engine Type HJ26632 26632 894F9K546ABB/894F9E527ABB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k HJ26964 26964 894F9K546ACC/894F9E527ACA Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 80k HJ33405 33405 954F9E527AC/954F9K546AC Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k HJ33406 33406 954F9E527BC/954F9K546BC Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 76k HJ33408 33408 954F9E527DC/954F9K546DC Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 100k HJ33704 33704 974F9K546CB/974F9E527CB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k HJ33706 33706 974F9K546DB/974F9E527DB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 76k HJ33710 33710 974F9K546FB/974F9E527FB Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 100k HJ28682 28682 924F9E527CA Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k HJ33407 33407 954F9E527CC Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 85k HJ33708 33708 974F9E527AD Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 85k   CHJ No. Stanadyne P/N John Deere P/N Engine Type HJ27333 27333 AR89563/AR89564 300 Series (N.A.),4219D HJ28485 28485 RE36939/RE38087 300 Series (Turbo RCP Cyl Head) HJ20494 20494 AR50781/AR50783 3020, 4020 HJ26993 26993 RE31757/RE37503 300 Series (TURBO & AFTERCOOLED) HJ22042 22042 AR88239/AR88236 300 Series HJ28481 28481 RE36935/RE36936 300 Series (N.A. RCP Cyl Head) HJ29279 29279 RE44508/RE48786 6068H (Mini sac for Combine) HJ32262 32262 RE57469/RE60062 4045D & 6068D HJ27336 27336 AR90024/AR90023 300 Series (Turbo) 

This Event is Closed.

Pencil Nozzle HJ27959 27959 7W3710/OR2821



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